Mason & Hamlin 50 Upright Piano

Mason & Hamlin – exalted as the world's finest piano. Mason & Hamlin's uncompromising commitment to perfection has inspired renowned artists and composers to project their immortal masterpieces through this supreme instrument. The rich, warm, smooth, distinctive tone results from the original patterns, scales and designs, faithfully preserved for over a century. The Mason & Hamlin piano is hand-made with meticulous workmanship, using only premium materials to produce aesthetic encasements that are triumphantly durable. The important extras not found in any other piano help explain why Mason & Hamlin is recognized as the standard of excellence at so many schools and universities and by informed music lovers. The Mason & Hamlin piano can bring about a full range of emotions, opening up a world of excitement and wonder with the touch of your skilled fingertips.

"The tone of Mason & Hamlin pianos is typically American — lush, singing, and powerful, not unlike the Steinway in basic character, but with an even more powerful bass and a clearer treble. The designers have done a good job of making a recognizable Mason & Hamlin sound that is consistent throughout the model line." ~ Piano Buyer Guide

  • Wessell, Nickel and Gross Action
  • Tension Resonator
  • Sturdy 6 Post Back Construction
  • Height Adjustable Bench
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Tension Resonator

    This exclusive device assures Mason & Hamlin owner original pure tone for the life of the piano. The patented Tension Resonator safeguards the crown the soundboard for proper resonance. Radial arms of inflexible steel joined underneath the soundboard are bolted to the piano's frame. These metal rods are drawn to precise tension and locked into position by factory craftsmen, never again to be touched. By holding the rim in rigid position, the Tension Resonator maintains the crown of the soundboard.


    The Mason & Hamlin action is constructed of the finest hand-selected hardwood, assuring uniformity in over 7,000 working parts, including graduated hammer shanks and hand-shaped hammers for clarity of tone. Unique features include costly ebony sharps and repetition springs that can be easily and accurately adjusted.

    Tuning Pins & Pinblock

    Nickel-plated pins prevent rust or corrosion on coils; blued steel cores grip the pinblock tightly. The hardwood maple pinblock is made of 7 layers of quarter-sawn maple, at a 90-degree grain angle on each layer. The wood has been treated to correct moisture content, whereby long-lasting tuning stability is attained.


    The soundboard is constructed of the finest grade, air-cured, kiln-conditioned white spruce. It is precisely installed by hand, with a tapered crown for optimum resonance. The Tension Resonator helps maintain that crown for the life of the piano – regardless of age or climatic conditions.

    • Mason & Hamlin 50
    • Height Adjustable Bench
    • Warranty
    • Two (2) Tunings
    • LP's Exclusive Trade up Program