• The Millennium III Upright Action
  • Longer keys
  • Longer 47” music rest
  • Sturdy back assembly for stability
  • “Soft Fall” Fallboard Closing System
  • Reinforced bench design
The Millennium III Upright Action

The revolutionary Millennium III Upright Action features Kawai’s exclusive ABS-Carbon parts that are incredibly strong and lightweight – properties that allowed our engineers to optimize speed, repetition, power and control. ABS-Carbon parts are resistant to swelling and shrinking due to climate, which helps the ST-1 maintain stable touch and tone over time better than any comparable instrument.

Sturdy Back Assembly for Stability

With five powerful back posts, each measuring 80mm by 80mm, the ST-1 back assembly stands alone among its peers. Our laminated back post construction offers maximum rigidity that helps to provide enhanced tuning stability over decades of rigorous use.

Longer 47” Music Rest

The raised music rest with angled design extends 47 inches across the upper panel, making it the longest music rest on any institutional piano. The added length provides valuable space for books, oversized scores and sheet music that extends laterally.

Longer Keys

ST-1 keysticks are longer than those on comparable pianos to provide more consistent touch response from the front to the back of the playing surface for better control and more accurate touch.

“Soft Fall” Fallboard Closing System

The ultra-slow “Soft Fall” closing system protects hands and the piano’s finish from the harm that a jarring close might cause.

Reinforced Bench Design

A stylish reinforcing panel adds tremendous strength and years of useful life to the ST-1 bench, especially in institutional settings.

Nose Bolts

The ST-1 is designed with two sturdy nose bolts that connect the back posts to the cast iron plate for greater strength and tuning stability.

Microcell-Enhanced Repetition

Advanced microcellular foam material used for the hammer rest cushion provides exceptional reliability of repetition and increases the ST-1’s overall playing speed.

“Matched Strength” Plate Design

The cast iron plate is subjected to as much as 20 tons of string tension. The proper combination of plate design, back post structure and string tension provides enhanced tuning stability for decades of reliable performance.

Tuning Pins

ST-1 tuning pins are 64 mm in length and manufactured to rigid specifications with nickel-plated carbon steel. Kawai's precision thread-cutting process produces a pin with tremendous “reverse-grip” holding power.


The ST-1 pinblock is made from the finest North American hard maple and spruce, cross-laminated in 13 plies to assure that the tuning pins remain tightly fitted through a lifetime of music-making.

Soundboard and Ribs

Kawai's wood technologists select only the finest spruce for the soundboard and ribs to ensure maximum dynamic range and superb tone across the entire spectrum of sound. The ST-1 boasts an exceptionally large soundboard area (2,062 sq. in.) for greater tonal power and resonance.

Cast Brass Pedals

Kawai's exclusive Cast Brass Pedals are extremely rugged. Made with a permanently bonded brass layer over an aluminum core, they are significantly stronger and more durable than conventional “capped” pedals for lasting beauty and silent operation.

Double Rubber Casters

To meet school specifications, the ST-1 is equipped with rubber casters at both the front and the rear of the piano. These casters feature double rubber wheels and double ball bearing construction for easy movement and extreme durability.


A convenient double-locking system secures both the lid and the piano fallboard to help keep the instrument safe and secure.


Every New Kawai ST-1 is covered by a Ten (10) Year Fully Transferable Warranty. This warranty is the seal of Kawai's craftsmanship—and the assurance of your satisfaction for many years to come.