Kawai AnyTime Pianos

There are times when a player needs the touch of a fine piano without the tone. When the baby is sleeping, children are studying, people are sharing the room, or neighbors need quiet, you want an instrument that offers the natural touch of an acoustic piano, but sound that only you can hear. The solution has arrived! The AnyTime Piano – the piano you can play anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone.

Perfect for:

  • Players who want the touch of an acoustic piano with the privacy of headphones
  • Late night or early morning practice without disturbing family or neighbors
  • Apartment living where piano practice is restricted to specific hours of the day
  • Homes where the piano must share space with computers and other media devices
  • QuietTime® MagicStar V5 – What is it?

    A PianoDisc QuietTime kit is a complete Silent system that can be built into nearly every piano retroactively. When the system is installed, the user can switch his piano to mute, in the evening for example, and play using headphones without disturbing his neighbors. The QuietTime Magic Star System comes with reliable and long-lasting sensor technology. The sensor bar is installed under the keys of the upright or grand piano. It has 88 key sensors that measure the movements of every single key and convert them to General MIDI data. In addition, every QuietTime kit comes with a mute rail. This rail is installed into the upright or grand where it stops the hammers before they touch the strings. Of course, the stop bar is easily removable, allowing the piano to be played normally as well.

    We can install this system on any good working piano.

    QuietTime® Magic Star V5 - The best of the three areas of the Silent technology... Optimal stop bar with only minimal changes in let-off, reliable and durable key sensor system, excellent piano tone produced by the QuietTime MagicStar synthesizer, developed especially for this use. Plus 127 other instrument tones.

    QuietTime® MagicStar V5 – Major innovations:

    • Compatible with iDevices – Use MIDI on the iPad for even more fun while learning!
    • Even more compact design, 1/3rd smaller control unit
    • Easy control via touch screen Improved key sensor system Initiation of recording via pedal
    • Quick save feature for your favorite settings USB MIDI port, for easy connection to your PC or iDevice USB port, for USB stick Multi-track recording Loop playback Setting for recording with immediate playback
    • Available in black and white
    • 12 new system settings to adjust the system to your needs
    • User set sounds can now combine up to three instrument sounds with individual settings for each instrument
    • Recording and playback functions for 2 tracks with 40.000+ MIDI-Events (notes), each with virtually unlimited MIDI event capacity when recording to a USB stick