Time to Sign Up for Lessons!

Around this time of year many people start to think about signing up for lessons.  School is coming back in season, and so all of the regular routines are coming around as well.  You may be pondering some questions, so, as a teacher, I will do my best to answer as many as I can here!

Is my child too young?

Parents will often ask teachers about their child's age and if he or she is too young to start learning.  Many teachers will not take anyone younger than 5 years old.  However, not every teacher has this policy.  Each teacher has his or her own strengths and weaknesses and so he or she will be more or less comfortable with different ages.  Typically, your child needs to be capable of performing certain tasks.  Your child should be able to communicate relatively well.  Your child should also be able to follow directions.  He or she has to be able to count to at least 10 and needs to know his or her ABC's.  He or she also needs to be relatively independent and average fine motor skills (examples could be using scissors alone or going to the bathroom alone).  If you are unsure, many teachers are more than willing to do an evaluation to tell you if it is worth your child's time and your time.

Do I need a piano at home?

Yes, but not necessarily right away.  The first few weeks entail a lot of memorization, so having a keyboard for these initial stages would make the lessons much more enriching but not necessary.  However, after about a month's time some sort of piano or keyboard needs to be at home.  I will write an entire post about keyboards and what a beginner can find. For now, any questions can be answered by calling Londonderry Piano and speaking to a salesperson or a teacher.

How much will he or she need to practice?

Most people hear that the student should be practicing for 30 minutes daily.  While not untrue, the real truth is that it depends on the person.  The best thing to do is to sign up and after about a month ask the teacher what his or her opinion is (your teacher may even volunteer the information after a lesson) based on what he or she have seen in terms of your child's capabilities and mindset.

How much do lessons cost?

Lesson prices vary depending on the teacher.  Most teachers start at $99 for a month's worth of weekly 30 minute lessons.

How are missed lessons handled?

Missed lessons are handled differently depending on the teacher.  Some teachers will do individual make ups, some teachers will do group make ups.  Some teachers will not do make ups unless the teacher is the one who missed the lesson.  When you call in to sign up, ask who does what in terms of make ups if this is a concern of yours!

How do I sign up?

The best way to sign up is to call Londonderry Piano at (603) 898-9910 and ask about signing up for lessons.  You can also email us through the website, just make sure that you leave times and ways to get back in touch!  The person who answered the phone or responds to your email will then ask you questions in order to try and hone in on a specific teacher than may fit either your needs or your schedule.  If you know a teacher you would like to be with, please say that first!  Also, please try to please be understanding and flexible with available times.  We may not have the perfect time slot open, but we will be willing to work out whatever we can to try and fit you in!

If I missed anything, the best thing to do is to call into the front desk and ask!  If you would rather a teacher give you an answer to your question, then call the front or email and request a teacher get back to you.  It may take up to 48 hours (depending on available times to call), but any teacher would be more than willing to try and answer any question you have!  Just make sure that you leave information for us to get back to you with!

Hopefully we see you in here soon!

Josh Goulet