NAMM Winter Music Trade Show 2015

The enthusiasm we experienced at the 2015 NAMM winter music trade show really highlighted the upswing our industry is currently feeling. Piano sales in 2014 was on the incline for Londonderry Piano. We did very well with Grand piano and digital piano sales. Upright piano sales could have been better. That being said, upright sales for the first month of the new year are making headway thanks to the new K series from Kawai.

Valuable information was obtained by attending this year's trade show. We compared our strategies, policies and brands with others in the business. Visiting with manufacturers such as Kawai, Yamaha, Baldwin, Young Chang, Roland, Mason & Hamlin, Blüthner and others has given us keen insight into our piano dealership's strong and unique position that it is in.

Kawai's booth was full of activity. It was encouraging to see the new models for 2015 and the impressive overall line up of digitals, uprights and grands. Kawai digital pianos have turned up the heat with new piano samples taken from the Shigeru Kawai Concert and Chamber Grand Pianos. Kawai released new digital piano models CA67, CA97, CP1, CP2, CP3 and KDPC90.

Walking away from the show, we are convinced more than ever that our brands, prices and professionalism will allow us to continue serving our customers for some time to come.